Hotel Sleepover Happy Members

Alex Khanin, New York

I was told about Hotel Sleepover by one of my friends.
I travel through Seattle for work and usually stay at Airbnb. It didn't always work well since i couldn't always get keys for the apartment if i arrive late or have any questions about. Hotel Sleepover is great since i get to stay in different hotels every time i visit Seattle and i visit alot. I love that they keep the same flat rate, whenever i want to rent a room.
Unfortunately because of the high demand, some of their hotels are booked most of the time, but there are always options available on their list.
I'm a customer for life! unless my work brings me to the area where they don't have presence yet.

Jenny Weng, Seattle

I came across HotelSleepover on instagram 2 weeks before me and my fiance had anniversary.
They actually were displaying a happy couple in their short video ad, it clicked for me right away. Best gift as a hotel experience with the room service ever. We were contacted by their team and told them we were having an anniversary weekend. We got to hotel around 8:30 pm after having a dinner, reception already knew about us and kindly gave us the keys. It was the fastest check-in process in my life. Once we got to the room, we had a free bottle of champaign waiting for us right inside! Can you believe this? I checked the price of the hotel, it turned out that had we paid through google or expedia, we would have spent $113 more for the room compared to the Hotel Sleepover plan we chose.
Now we have 2 more hotel nights to redeem our membership fee, it's no-brainer we will be staying few more times, im excited to try other hotels on their list. Adventure continues!

Savanna Wan, Bellevue

I immediately fell in love with the idea when one of my girlfriends suggested to try out HotelSleepover. A ladies night out is always a treat, unfortunately sometimes it won’t happen because at the end of the night, we will be going home tired and worrying about waking our families up. But for this night, after dinner and drinks, we headed to the hotel room feeling relaxed knowing there’s a bed ready to jump on. Us girls ended up getting in to a pillow fight and talking trough the entire night. Such precious time. I’m looking forward to experiencing other hotel options that HotelSleepover has to offer, making more memories. And tomorrow, coffee, home, life goes on with a little bit more flavor.

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