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Different Kind of Team building experience

Today's team members spend 6 to 10 hours together, every single day, and yet there is still a barrier that requires different kind of approach to break through. Hotel Sleepover offers unique campfire like atmosphere that allows individuals to bond and make an extremely tight and efficient team.

Although hotel accomodations are not required for having a sleepover event, it is the best way to complete the total transformaion.

After social games, challenges, food and story-telling each of the teammates will have a private accomodation at a hotel for the night and will reunite in the morning for sharing memories about the experience they had to strengthen the bond and freshly built connection.

Bring connection to new heights with our 3 steps

Define the experience
Explore team dynamics
Identify key goals
Plan technical execution
Address questions
Game Night
Arrival and mingling
Set intentions
Share past experiences
Mark observations
Celebrate breakthroughs
Identify areas of growth
Incorporate insights
Create next steps

Let's bring your team closer!

We will get back to you with details on how we can make it happen.
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